OCAT International Art Residency – CHINA

OCAT International Art Residency Drawing & Painting, Film, Curating/Research, Media Art, Multi Media, Photography, Performing Arts, Sculpture Location: Shenzhen is a city of immigrants. The total population is just over seven million-with about half of that registered residents and the other half a floating population. It is a coastal city that has a subtropical, oceanic […]

Red Gate Residency – China

Red Gate Residency is an international artists residency program providing artists, curators, writers, and academics with the opportunity to live and create work in China. Our objective is to provide facilities for artists to easily start their projects and offer a community in which they can participate as much as they like. As a member […]


Lab-Yit Residency Program (LYRP) Yit-Lab offers artists the opportunity to spend time in a stimulating cultural space, other than their daily work environment. The art residency program is based on the dialogue with the local community and aims to be a real bilateral exchange. So, for example, much attention is given to the public opening […]