CALL FOR PERFORMERS: Dream Variations (AGO/Nuit Blanche)
Deadline date: September 5, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: AGO

Dream Variations by Abbas Akhavan and Kristina Lee Podesva
Presented at the AGO during the 2017 Nuit Blanche

Dream Variations is a multi-part project that invites the public into a receptive space of reflection, re-energization and harmonization. Within the context of larger political and cultural forces working at this time, Dream Variations proposes going within, collectively, as a way of finding new avenues for understanding and acting together. The project sets up a hospitable space for contemplation and relaxation, featuring an installation housing one hundred cots for visitor/participant use. Vocalists from the Faculty of Music at UofT and performers from the greater Toronto community will animate the installation with responsive improvisations that gesture toward the spirit of the artists’ invitations.

The project will take place inside the two atria of the Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queens Park Ave, home of the Faculty of Music at UofT (University of Toronto, Toronto). The atmosphere of the project will be one that encourages rest, quiet, reflection and meditation.

The Producers of Nuit Blanche Toronto are looking for 15 artists and performers to act as Hosts to the general public for the event. Dream Variations aims to create a counter-point to the energy and scale of public space during the night of Nuit Blanche Toronto. The Hosts’ key responsibility is to artfully and affectively facilitate the transition from the greater festival to the more intimate and reflective site of the project.

Key responsibilities include:
1. Contextualize the project to the public at large
2. Prime and prepare participants
3. Lead participants into the project installation
4. Oversee the space and tenor of the project
5. Create and maintain the intentional atmosphere and spirit of the project in collaboration with the artist
6. Communicate any issues to supervisory staff

Four (4) different types of ‘Host’ roles are being sought:
4 ‘Front of House’ hosts: who receive, introduce, and prepare the public for Dream Variations
6 ‘Floor’ hosts: who oversee, take care, and maintain the quiet atmosphere of the space as well the safety of the participants (working with support from security and staff)
2 Ushers: who will lead the public into the space of the project
3 Floats: who will fill any of the above roles as needed throughout the night

The Producer and Artist reserves the right to assign roles at their discretion.

The required hours and dates for the project are:
September 29, 2017, 7 PM +: 2 hour orientation meeting, rehearsal and walkthrough of site.
September 30, 2017, 7 PM – Oct 1, 2017, 7 AM (overnight): 12 hours, performance (with slotted breaks)

All hosts will be paid a fee of $242.00 CAD at the end of the performance. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the night and catered Meals will be provided by the Producer.

1. Good Communication skills
2. Conflict resolution skills
3. Able to work and maintain a positive demeanour within a prolonged quiet space.
4. Able to perform for prolonged periods of time.
5. Experience performing in public space and interacting with the public.
6. Awareness of body, gesture, and audience.

Interested performers are asked to contact, no later than September 5, Asad Raza, Programming Supervisor, City Cultural Events:

Please provide your name, address, contact information as well as link or description of your practice in the email. Late messages may not be accommodated.

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